Before cofounding Philips & Meachum Public Affairs in 2009, Jerry Philips worked each
legislative session and campaign cycle since 1997, connecting the session’s legislative strategy
with election year political strategy.

Beginning as a volunteer intern during the 1997 Legislative Session for Representative Ken
Yarbrough, Jerry worked for Rep. Yarbrough through the 76th Legislature and 2000 election
season. As Communications Director for Texas House Speaker Pete Laney’s Texas
Partnership PAC during the 77th Legislature, Jerry worked with Members and staff across the
state. During the 78th Legislature, Jerry served as Chief of Staff for Representative John
Mabry from Waco who was chosen as “Freshman of the Year”. As Chief of Staff for House
Democratic Leader Jim Dunnam during the 79th Legislative Session, Jerry played an integral part in
developing legislative strategy and message for the House Democratic Caucus. In 2005, Jerry
became the Executive Director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, chaired by
Representatives Jim Dunnam, Garnet Coleman and Pete Gallego.

Jerry’s family immigrated to College Station from South India, and he was the first person in
his family born in America. Having grown up in Houston, Jerry is an avid fan of sports,
barbeque and historic fiction. Jerry and his wife, Zeena Angadicheril, an Assistant Vice President
for Legal Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, enjoy traveling with their sons, Christopher, Aaron and Miles.

Email: jerry@philipsmeachum.com


Kurt Meachum has spent the past decade working at the highest levels of state government for
some of the best and brightest Democrats in Texas. In 1998, Meachum moved to Austin from
Dallas to work the 76th Legislative Session for then State Representative Steve Wolens (D-Dallas),
Chairman of the powerful House Committee on State Affairs. Meachum spent the 77th, 78th and 79th
Legislative Sessions leading the office of State Rep. Pete P. Gallego (D-Alpine).

Under the Chairmanship of House Democratic Leader, Jim Dunnam, (D-Waco), Meachum became
the first Executive Director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee. In addition to
consulting for the Texas Progress Council, Meachum has also advised the Mexican American
Legislative Caucus.

Meachum graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he earned a full-tuition Presidential
Scholarship. More recently, he earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs
School of Business. He lives in Austin with his wife, Amy Clark Meachum, their twin daughters,
Allie and Kendall, and son Benjamin.  In 2014, Amy was re-elected to serve a four year term as
District Judge for the 201st Civil District Court in Travis County.

Email: kurt@philipsmeachum.com